Registration for the Co-Pro Pitching Sessions 2024 is now closed. Thank you for your submissions!

The Co-Pro Pitching Sessions are Series Mania Forum’s founding premise and the most anticipated part of the Forum. TV series such as Off Season, The Head, Freud or No Man’s Land were introduced for the first time during the Co-Pro Pitching Sessions.

Each year, 15 series projects seeking international financing are selected and their producers are invited to come to Lille to pitch their series to an audience of key industry decision-makers (producers, broadcasters, financiers, etc.).

A prize of 50,000 euros is given to the best project chosen by a professional jury.

The pitching sessions are followed by individual meetings with broadcasters, distributors, producers, public and private funds.

the 2024 jury

  • Jury president: Nina Lederman (USA), EVP, Global Scripted Development and Programming, Sony Pictures Television
  • Marco Chimenz (Italy), Co-general director, Federation Studios
  • Jennifer Ebell (UK), EVP, EMEA Sales and Acquisitions at FIFTH SEASON
  • Marianne Furevold-Boland (Norway), Head of Drama, NRK
  • Karin Marelle (UK), Vice-President, Program Acquisitions & Co-Productions, Starz

the selected projects

ANTILIA – 6 x 52′ – France
Produced by Pierre-Emmanuel Fleurantin et Vincent Mouluquet for Ego Productions
Written by Maxime Crupaux & Baptiste Fillon.

A TRUE NOVEL – 8 x 60′ – Japan, US
Genre: Historical drama
Produced by Satoko Ishida and Meri Koyama for Shochiku and Jonathan Kier and Matt
Brodlie for Upgrade Productions
Written by Riko Sakaguchi

EUROVISION MURDER MYSTERY – 6 x 52′ – France, Germany
Genre: Murder mystery
Produced by Emmanuelle Guilbart and Agathe de Lorme for APC Stories and Henning
Kamm and Johann Buchholz for Friday Film
Written by Fabienne Hurst & Bertrand Soulier

FOOD, LOVE, FAITH – 8 x 50′ – Israel
Genre: Drama
Produced by Efrat Shmaya Dror for United Studios IL
Written by Yossi Madmoni

ISSAK – 6 x 45′ – Japan, Germany
Genre: Historical Drama
Produced by Itaru Mizuno from Nippon TV and Lasse Scharpen from Studio Zentral
Written by Itaru Mizuno and Richard Kropf, based on the manga “Issak” by Shinji Makari and DOUBLE-S, published by KODANSHA LTD.

JUDGEMENT OF SOLOMON – 6 x 45′ – Bulgaria
Genre: Mystery/Drama
Produced by: Katya Trichkova for Contrast films LTD and Mirrormind LTD
Written by Teodora Markova and Nevena Kertova

KISS MY FEET – 6 x 50′ – Finland, Netherlands
Genre: Drama
Produced by Aleksi Bardy for Helsinki-Filmi Oy and Fleur Winters for Big Blue, Netherlands.
Written by Daan Gielis & Mark Van De Grift

NANGA PARBAT – 6 x 52′ – France
Genre: Drame, Aventure
Produced by Amaury Ovise for Kazak Productions
Written by Caryl Férey

THE ART OF MAGDALENE – 6 x 45′ – Poland, Ireland
Genre: Drama
Produced by Wiktor Piatkowski for Bahama Films and Jonathan Farrelly for PIO Media LTD
Written by Wiktor Piatkowski

THE LEFT HAND OF VENUS – 6 x 45′ – Greece
Genre: Historical Comedy
Produced by Ioannis Kostas, development producer Dimitra Barla, for Arcadia Media
Written by Nikos Panayotopoulos, based on the novel by Takis Theodoropoulos

THE ODESA WRESTLERS – 6 x 45′ – Norway
Genre: Drama
Produced by Cathrine Simonsen for Monster AS
Written by Joachim Førsund and Thorbjørn Harr

THIRST – 6 x 60′ – Canada
Genre: Thriller, Science fiction
Produced by Julia Ferreira Langlois and Annie Sirois for Trio Orange
Written by Sylvain Neuvel

OUR PEOPLE – 6 x 55′ – Slovakia
Genre: Political Drama
Produced by Jakub Viktorín and Tomáš Hrubý for nutprodukcia
Written by Miro Šifra

VATICAN – 6 x 50′ – Italy
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Produced by Nicola De Angelis for Fabula Pictures
Written by Flavio Bernard, Ciro Di Maso and Marcello Olivieri

WHITE TIES – 6 x 45′ – Germany
Genre: Drama, Inspired by true events
Produced by Laura Von Portatius for Wüste Film GmbH
Written by Oke Stielow and Uwe Flade

WITNESS 36 – 8 x 45’ – Argentina
Genre: Espionage thriller
Produced by Michael Nozik for Oficina Burman (The Mediapro Studio)
Written by Natacha Caravia, Juan Matías Carballo, Daniel Burman

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