Committed since 2021 to a Corporate Social Responsibility approach, SERIES MANIA is pursuing its actions to enable the Festival to act consistently with the challenges of ecological transition and social inclusion. SERIES MANIA advances its approach each year, focusing on 3 priorities:

Priority 1:
An event for all : putting accessibility and inclusion at the heart of the project  

Meeting people and sharing is the DNA of our activities, our values and our commitment to our community. We are committed to organising events that are inclusive, non-discriminatory and accessible to all. 


  • 100% free festival 
  • Extensive educational and cultural action plan: over 7,000 young people took part in the educational action programme in 2023
  • Tailor-made initiatives with professional integration structures (local missions, civic services, etc.), health institutions (Lille CHRU), local social action, etc.
  • Screenings accessible to people with sensory disabilities (audio description and adapted subtitles)
  • This year, SERIES MANIA will be visiting audiences in 6 towns in the region with its travelling bus.
  • SERIES MANIA INSTITUTE launches the Tremplin training programme for 20 young people on the road to integration

Priority 2:
Mastering the environmental impact of our activities  

Recognising the impact of our activities and our responsibility to the planet, we carried out our first carbon footprint assessment in 2021, and are working to reduce our footprint and implement sustainable solutions in all areas of production.


  • Soft and active mobility: bicycle taxis will be available for Forum participants, the festival will provide bicycle parking for festival-goers, and the festival teams will have a fleet of bicycles for their transfers. For the transportation of its guests, the festival has acquired a fleet of electric and hybrid vehicles.
  • Sustainable purchasing and circular economy: plastic accreditation badges are being replaced by recycled cardboard badges, equipment hire is favoured over purchases, the number of items produced for the festival continues to fall (less printing and promotional items) and, whenever possible, we are working with local suppliers (caterers, printers, video services, etc.).
  • Mastering electricity consumption and energy supply of festival sites 
  • With Séries Mania +., we offer tools for more responsible use of streaming and digital media
  • A communication charter that can be reused for several editions

Priority 3:
Séries Mania, a responsible employer

We are aware of the occupational hazards that accompany the nature and timing of our activities. We are committed to promoting a healthy working environment conducive to good working conditions and relationships, and to looking after the well-being of all our employees. Our aim is to guarantee the stability of our teams and increase the attractiveness of our organisation.


  • Raising awareness among festival team members of the challenges of the ecological transition
  • Supporting employees in their training programmes 
  • Supplying offices with renewable electricity and mastering consumables


In 2024, Series Mania will be completing its event certification process and aims to position its activities within the framework of the ISO 20121 standard. Supported by IPAMA, this certification process will enable the company to structure its actions even further and propose an action plan that is consistent with climate issues and the Paris Agreement. 

Séries Mania is making progress in CSR thanks to the support of its partners, ENEDIS, Matmut for the arts and O2feel.