The Creative Bazaar is Series Mania Forum and Series Mania Institute’s incubator for writing residencies, workshops and unique training programs, attracting screenwriters and producers from all over the world. All participants taking part in the writing residencies will come together under one roof at the Bazaar St So in Lille from March 15 to 18. The programmes include:  

  • The Drama Series Co-writing Residency Israel-France, DEENTAL Series Workshops, Going European, in partnership with CNC.
  • Series Mania Institute’s several programs: The Writers Campus, Eureka Series, Serial Bridges, the new international workshop in South East Asia
  • Programs hosted and organized by renowned industry professionals: Authentica Series Lab, Red Sea Series Lab, Taiwan Spotlight and Sam Spiegel Series Lab.

Residents will have the opportunity to work both independently and in groups, coming together throughout the masterclasses and networking events. This year, the Creative Bazaar will welcome 104 participants from 20 countries. 

Located in the center of Lille, Bazaar St So, is a unique 5,000 m² creative space dedicated to the creative economy. Abundant, luminous and open, the Bazaar St So is dedicated to creative activities and socially conscious individuals. Together under one roof, a diversity of practices, skills and professions allows the development and mutual enrichment of its residents by promoting the emergence of innovative projects. These combined elements have made the Bazaar St So a natural partner for the Creative Bazaar residencies. 

2024 president

Charlotte Brändström, Director and producer (The Witcher, The man in high castel, Lord of rings: rings of power…) -(France/ Sweden)

Creative Bazaar Talks 

 Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo, popularly known as Los Javis, showrunners (Spain)
Grace Moss, Vice President of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for Warner Bros. Discovery (USA)
Charlotte Brändström, Director and producer (France/ Sweden)

THE MENTORS and the speakers OF THE 2024 EDITION

  • Agathe Berman – Pitch coach (France)
  • Rama Burshtein-Shay (Israel)
  • Jacob Groll – Scénariste (Austria)
  • Victor Lockwood – Screenwriter (UK/France)
  • Arnaud Louvet, Producer, director, screenwriter (France)
  • Nicola Lusuardi – Writer and Creative Producer (Italy)
  • Isabelle Lindberg Pechou, Creative producer and consultant (Denmark)
  • Mehret Mandefro (South Africa)
  • Mehdi Ouahab (France)
  • Michaela Sabo, Screenwriter (Slovakia)
  • Fatou Kandé Senghor (Senegal)
  • Ludo Smolski, Screenwriter & script consultant / Story editor (UK)
  • Noah Stollman (Israel)
  • Selina Ukwuoma (UK)
  • Bonnie Williams – Pitch coach (USA)

Series Mania Forum residencies


Are you a screenwriter, producer or showrunner willing to develop your series project? Discover our different workshops: The DEENTAL Series Workshops, the Drama co-writing residency Israel-France, Going European

Discover the residencies

Series Mania Institute residencies

Are you a screenwriter, producer or showrunner willing to develop your series project? Discover our different workshops: the Writers Campus, Eureka Series, Serial Bridges

Discover the residencies