UGC Writers Campus

UGC Writers Campus by Series Mania is a week-long TV series writing workshop, conducted in English open to 20 screenwriters. The 2019 edition will be held in Lille in northern France from March 20-27, 2019 under the supervision of Lorraine Sullivan, in collaboration with Paris College of Art.

Throughout the week, participants will have the opportunity to meet and be mentored by experienced professionals and writers, to attend dedicated workshops, masterclasses and one-to-one sessions on their projects with their mentors. In a final showcase at Series Mania Forum, the Campus’s work will be presented to industry professionals and projects will be pitched at the round table pitching sessions.

An intensive and high-quality training

UGC Writers Campus offers participants from Europe and the rest of the world a concrete understanding of the dramaturgic and narrative strategies used in successful TV series. 

Lectures discussing market reach, engaging specific audiences and understanding the needs of the industry will be an essential part of the training.

Over the course of one week, UGC Writers Campus will function as an incubator, where writers will be immersed in an environment dedicated to their work with incredible access to tutors, mentors and industry decision-makers.

What they say about it

"The Writers Campus gave me a chance to link with the right people." - Agata Koschmieder (Pologne)


"I had a great experience at the Writers Campus meeting likeminded colleagues and inspiring professionals." - Julie Budtz Sørensen (Danemark)

"I can’t wait to see the ideas we worked on become the next great drama series of tomorrow!" - Robert Goldsdbrough (Royaume-Uni)


"Getting tips and tricks from a masterful creator such as Sarah Treem was simply amazing." - Fanny Talmone (France)

"A great way to meet other writers." - Mia Ylönen (Finlande)
"It is one of the best programs I ever attended!" - Pietro Seghetti (Italie)

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