Programme Forum 2019

March 25

In partnership with Groupe 25 Images

What is the tangible role of the director in the creative process of a series? How does he/she collaborate with the various actors in the industry chain?
Moderator: Michael Pickard, journalist, Drama Quarterly - UK
  • Edward Berger, director (Patrick Melrose, The Terror, Deutschland 83) – Germany
  • Gilles Bannier, director (Tin Star, The Tunnel, Spiral) – France
  • Eric Khoo, director (Ramen Shop, In the room, Folklore-Nobody) – Singapore
  • Vladlena Sandu, director (Identification) - Russia


    He talks about the first 6 months in his new position as Endemol Shine Group Head of Scripted for EMEA. Tasked with bringing together the Group talented scripted producers from diverse non-English language markets around the world, he will reveal the company strategy going forward, as well as the latest hotbeds of creativity he is targeting for growth.
    Moderator: David Jenkinson, Editor in Chief, C21 - UK
    • Scripted Head for EMEA, Endemol Shine Group – UK

    A global overview of diversity and inclusion in programs and in global audiovisual industry. This panel will be followed by two keynotes that will address more specific topics and issues related to diversity and inclusion.
    Moderator: Sahar Baghery, Head of Business Development, Amazon Prime Video – UK
    • Kjartan Thor Thordarson, CEO, Sagafilm Nordic – Iceland
    • Marine Haverland, Audiovisual advisor, Women in Virtual Reality – Belgium
    • Agnès Saal, Haut fonctionnaire à l'Égalité, à la Diversité et à la Prévention des discriminations, Ministère de la Culture – France

    In partnership with the French Writers Guild

    The American notion of a showrunner is a dream role. But do they really exist in Europe? Is such a role possible, or even desirable, and in what form? In Europe, this job can take various shapes, depending on the country and the project. What partnership models have been established within the framework of series development and production?
    Moderator: Cyril Tysz, screenwriter – France
    • Camilla Ahlgren, screenwriter (Quickand, The Bridge, The Sandhamn Murders) – Sweden
    • Marc Kressmann, artistic director (Candice Renoir) – France
    • Gilles Daniel, producer, Morgane Productions, France

    In partnership with Pictanovo

    TV series is a major genre in the French audiovisual landscape. Its current growth is largely based on constant innovation, both technological and creative, to offer more attractive images to viewers. For production companies and their technical partners, the challenge is to find the right formula between creative quality, manufacturing imperatives and innovations, while remaining in a rational economy.
    Moderator: Marc Bourhis, journaliste & consultant – France
    • Thierry Delobel, superviseur VFX, Umédia – France & Belgium
    • Pierre-Marie Boyé, directeur des Productions, Les Tontons Truqueurs – France
    • Renaud Jungmann, directeur, VFX Workshop – France

    In partnership with EPC

    Producing for the international market must involve production in English. Yet today, key players of internationally successful contents (OTT) opt for local language, just like traditional channels. Is English really a vector of international success? What are the obstacles today to producing ambitious European series in English?
    Moderator: Alexandra Lebret, General Director, European Producers Club – France
    • Lene Børglum, producer & CEO, Space Rocket Nation – Denmark
    • Olivier Pouponneau, screenwriter – France
    • Michael Polle, producer, X Filme Creative Pool – Germany
    • Michele Zatta, Commissioning editor in charge of international co-productions, RAI Fiction - Italy

    Indian series are increasingly coveted by major American platforms, as evidenced by recent original creations produced in India for Netflix (Sacred Games, Ghoul) and Amazon Prime (Inside Edge, Breath, Gangster). How does the Indian model work? Is it compatible with strategies today developed by international platforms?
    Moderator: Sidharth Jain, Chief storyteller, The Story Ink – India
    • Sunil Doshi, Independent content strategist – India
    • Datta Dave, Partner, Tulsea – India

    How do you write for this target audience? What strategies should be implemented for traditional and digital industry actors?
    Moderator: John Hopewell, journalist, Variety – USA
    • Dario Madrona, screenwriter (Elite) – Spain
    • Simon Bouisson, transmedia screenwriter & director (Wei or Die, Les Cardinaux) – France
    • Kirstie Swain, screenwriter (Pure, Clique) – UK
    • Aude Albano, producer, Capa Drama – France

    Blockchain tech is raising hopes in the TV industry, heralding a new era of legal streaming that is more secure and more profitable for rights holders. But where are we now with this technology? And how is the blockchain revolutionizing the TV industry?
    Moderator: Michael Gubbins, Founder, SampoMedia, UK
    • Frédéric Josué, Global Executive Advisor, Havas – France
    • Alan R. Milligan, fondateur/founder & CEO, White Rabbit – Norway
    • Simon Le Deault, founder Okast & Chief Content Officer, – France
    • Éric Minoli, Vice-President and Chief operating officer (COO), Groupe Média TFO, Canada

    In partnership with Sacem

    Music sets the tone for plot and plays a large part in the success of any series. Recently, electronic music has become increasingly popular in series soundtracks. Let’s take a look at the phenomenon.
    Moderator: Olivier Desbrosses, journalist – France
    • ROB, composer (The Bureau) – France
    • Etienne Forget, composer (Missions, Hero Corp) - France
    • Ben Lukas Boysen, composer (Beat) – Germany

    When Babylon Berlin meets Gomorrah: insights into the making of European high-end drama for the international market.
    Moderator: François-Pier Pélinard Lambert, Editor in Chief, Le Film français – France
    • Jan Mojto, CEO, Beta Film – Germany

    In partnership with CNC

    The international coproduction of series is mainly driven by financial partnerships. But going further, initiating international co-writing, could create new takes, new narratives, new languages – in short, new stories. A year after the CNC made this bet and launched the COCO-I, three awarded teams of international screenwriters share their concrete experience.
    Moderator: Louis Jacobée, Project Manager, CNC - France
    • Ange-Régis Hounkpatin, screenwriter – Benin
    • Alexander Lindh, screenwriter – Germany, Finland & Sweden
    • Elena Lyubarskaya, screenwriter & producer – Russia
    • Pierre Puget, screenwriter – France & Belgium

    Eden, DNA, Hierro: three projects pitched at SERIES MANIA FORUM in 2015 and 2016, three European co-productions, two of which are presented this year to the festival audience - Eden in Official Competiton / Hierro in International Panorama -, three series from ARTE that cross borders.
    Moderator: Olivier Wotling, Director & Alexandre Piel, Deputy Director, Fiction Department, ARTE France, France
    • Jimmy Desmarais, producer, Atlantique Productions – France
    • Dominik Moll, director – France & Allemagne
    • Tomas Radoor, executive producer, Nordisk Film Production – Denmark
    • Pernille Bech Christensen, Commissioning Editor, TV 2 Danmark – Denmark
    • Torleif Hoppe, director – Denmark
    • Alfonso Blanco, executive producer, Portocabo – Spain
    • Olivier Bibas, producer, Atlantique Productions – France
    • Ismael Calleja Baldominos, Head of Production & Business Affairs, Movistar + Originals – Spain

    Because the last two years have thrown Spanish industry to the forefront, with Casa de papel of course but also with strong industrial changes (takeovers, new studios, tax credits...), the time has come to look at what has driven such a regeneration and the paths to its sustainability.
    Moderator: Géraldine Gonard, General Director, Conecta Fiction – Spain
    • Jorge Iglesias, producer, WeekEnd Studios – Spain
    • Laura Minarro, VP of International Business and Coproduction, Atresmedia Studios - Spain
    • Javier Rodenas, CEO, The Mad Media Company – Spain
    • Pilar Blasco, CEO, Endemol Shine Iberia - Spain
    • Mar Diaz Martinez, Fiction Executive Producer, RTVE - Spain

    Sponsored session

    IDM RACCONTI | Script Lab is the script development program aimed specifically at professional screenwriters working in the Italian and German-speaking markets: an advanced training initiative in English for those who want to develop projects and refine their skills with the help of international experts and in creative collaboration with colleagues from other countries. On this occasion, the series projects developed in the seventh edition will be officially presented to the industry.
    • Jana Burbach and Julia Rappold (GER)
    • Lara De Simone (GER)
    • Stephan Greitemeier (GER)
    • Kirsten Loose (GER)
    • Manuela Piemonte (IT)
    • Harry Sherriff (UK)
    • Daniel Wunderer (IT)

    The importance of the Writers room is now being recognized throughout Europe. How is this American industrial model being adapted in Europe? Insight from experience and case studies.
    Moderator: Michael Pickard, journalist, Drama Quarterly - UK
    • Marine Francou, screenwriter (Spiral, A French village) – France
    • Anders Frithiof August, screenwriter (Follow the Money) – Denmark
    • Lisa Blumenberg, creator & producer (Bad Banks) – Germany

    Seen from the outside, the power balance is changing, notably shaken by the increasing power of platforms. A direct link is established between commissioners and talents. Distributors become the first financial backers for the development of a project. In 2019, what is the role of the producer? A creative, a business man, a keystone, a conductor, a mere executive? At the end, is it also a reinvented industry that appears?
    Moderator: François-Pier Pélinard-Lambert, Editor in Chief, Le Film français – France
    • Jimmy Desmarais, producer, Atlantique Productions – France
    • Polly Williams, VP Scripted Development, Entertainment One – UK
    • David O’Donoghue, Managing Director, Carnival Films – UK
    • Anna Croneman, Head of Drama, SVT – Sweden
    • Mariano Baselga, Senior Development Executive, MediaPro, Spain

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