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Dans un écosystème de plus en plus compétitif et un marché du contenu saturé, les adaptations de livres et de podcasts sont le nouvel eldorado. C’est pourquoi le Séries Mania Forum offre aux professionnels de l’industrie de nouvelles opportunités pour entrer en contact avec des agents, des éditeurs et des créateurs de podcasts.

Lors de cette session, cinq créateurs de séries audio présenteront une sélection de podcasts fascinants et intrigants. La session sera suivie d’une session de matchmaking. Serez-vous le producteur prêt à associer un univers visuel à ces histoires ? 

Conférence présentée par Mélanie Vazeux.

Projets séléctionnés : 

THE DECISION écrit par Chalk and Blade Ltd, Etats-Unis et Royaume-Uni

We follow best friends Mohsin and Dahlia as the discuss the life-changing decision – will she carry his baby? We witness the genuine, love and relationship between the pair, flashing back to when they first met, the shared experience of being mixed race in the traditionally straight-laced white world of Oxford University, and the revelation that bonded them together one night, when Mohsin chose Dhalia to be the first person he shared the secret with that he was gay.

We examine surrogacy with Dahlia, hearing stories from across the experience spectrum – from miscarriage to success, to where the relationship between the surrogate and Intended Parents has simply broken down. Added to this complexity is the fact Dalia had a life-threatening pregnancy experience with her child, so what will her husband say about doing it again, but for someone else?

As this journey continues Mohsin talks to some of the important people in his life – his husband Matthew, and his mother. We get an intimate insight into their marriage and the complications of race, identity and guilt that would come with having a surrogate. We flashback with his mother to Mohsin coming out in a devout Muslim community, and how difficult it was for his mother to handle, discussing how that has influenced his feelings about family.

Finally, Dahlia is ready to decide – she has written a letter to Mohsin, telling their love story through decades of friendship, how important he is to her, and unveiling her decision. She cannot carry his child, despite all the reasons she gave herself to do it, in an act of self-love, she needs to make sure she looks after her family first. Mohsin reacts to the news that his best friend won’t be helping him become a father.

Flashforward and Mohsin and Matthew have moved to New York, and he and Dahlia honestly discuss how the final decision made them feel, as with any true friendship we explore their anger, regret, love and everything in between.

THE SALVATION écrit par Justin Lockey, Royaume-Uni

The Salvation follows David Miller, a veteran of war and conflict. His posttraumatic stress disorder has nearly crippled him, with his violent flashbacks continually dragging him back to the most traumatic moments of his deployment. However, when David crosses paths with a shadowy organization called Fallen Arrow, it’s revealed to him that his flashbacks aren’t memories but, in fact, a form of time travel. For over a century, Fallen Arrow has been an off-the-books black-ops group with opaque funding and even less clear motives. The only clear thing is its mission, to harness the time-travelling power of PTSD in soldiers like David. Fallen Arrow uses a program it calls ‘The Lullaby’; these audio triggers allow soldiers like David to travel through time using donors’ minds. As David’s disorienting and traumatic abilities reveal themselves, he is recruited by Fallen Arrow and finally, given a means to exert agency over his mind and his previous memories. After an exhaustive and reality-warping training, David is successfully turned into a fully deployable time agent. But David’s world is rocked when he is tasked with tracking down and “neutralizing” a fellow soldier – the only other Fallen Arrow recruit to achieve time travel – who has since gone rogue and is wreaking havoc throughout history. On his mission, David is thrust into a mind-bending game of cat and mouse throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, unravelling a secret war between clandestine powers that bends the very fabric of reality. David discovers that alongside the great espionage conflicts of the 20th century, the Great War and Cold War – and the technological competition of the nuclear arms and space races, there has been a secret war, this one for time-altering technology that now threatens his own future.

STEAMY écrit par Louie Media, France

Repairing our desires: this is the new frontier of feminism.
The whole point of future erotic relationships is to build a world in which women can formulate their desires, and not just express a yes or no in the face of the other’s desire.

The romantic comedies and love stories we’ve been treated to for centuries focus mostly on male desire: the man who sets his sights on a woman and conquers her. And in the end, she falls in love.

In recent years, popular tv shows such as Bridgerton , Fleabag, The Marvelous Mrs Maisel, Killing Eve… have come up with other schemes, in which women express and assume their desires.

Following in this footsteps, Louie Media has created Steamy : a series of erotic audio short stories. Original, never-before-published texts written by twenty female novelists who reinvent the way we write about desire.

FURIES écrit par Mehdi Bayad, France

In the near future, Thomas accepts, for 7 days only, a position as a guard, in a cabin, at the edge of the forest. Thomas replaces the previous guard who, he was told, has gone totally crazy.
Witness to strange events, Thomas will disobey the orders received and the consequences will impact the entire social order established within the forest.
Saison 1 : 5 x 25′ – Saison 2 writing in progress (release on December 2024)

EXPOSED: THE ASHLEY MADISON HACK écrit par Sophie Elmhirst, Canada et Etats-Unis

EXPOSED tells the incredible inside story of the most shocking data breach of the internet age: the Ashley Madison hack.

With access to Ashley Madison users and journalists who reported the hack at the time, we reveal the devastating consequences of the hack.

The hackers —calling themselves the Impact Team— appeared to be on a moral crusade: determined to shame anyone immoral enough to cheat in this brazen and organised way. They published the cache of user data only after the site’s owners refused to meet the ransom demand that the Ashley Madison website be permanently taken down.

In the immediate aftermath of the hack, internet users and even some newspapers appeared to take glee in sharing further details of individual users —especially those in positions of authority. The public shame had predictably devastating consequences: some users lost their job and their standing in society. Others lost their family and some even took their own lives.

Where should our sympathies lie? With the hackers —who felt morally compelled to act— the site’s users —who, despite their infidelity were victims of this doxxing— or with the Ashley Madison team —who struggled to contain an event bigger than anything they could have expected. We ask what lessons have been learnt.

The internet is full of positive stories of romances made and true love discovered via dating sites. So, although the hack was just seven years ago, it already feels like society has become more permissive and moved on. Would people cheating on their partners create the same moral outrage today as it did then? Would the internet join forces to expose and shame them?

Ultimately the 2015 hack is a cautionary tale about the lack of privacy protecting anything we do online. With so many lives destroyed by the hack, we ask if anything positive can ever come when vigilantes take justice into their own hands?


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