Series Mania Forum is truly one of today’s premiere meeting places for TV executives looking for new projets and talents : showrunners, screenwriters, producers. This year’s Forum will be held March 21-23 at the Grand Palais in Lille France. It will be three full days of networking, discovery, insights, and pitches. Producers, commissioners, and buyers from all over the world, are able to meet key decision makers of the industry, to discover projects in development, and to network with emerging and well-established talents.

Stay tuned for the full program’s reveal on February 8th

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2023 five key themes

sourcing talent & stories

A curated selection of series pitches from our writing residencies programmes, from producers looking for financing and from IPs ready to be adapted into series.

content showcases

A diverse selection of new coming series from around the world. And soon on your screen.

creative business inspiration

Panel discussions and keynotes around the vibrant industry of series.

marketing of series & innovation

Series exist, but they must be seen! Regardless of a series quality, one of the biggest challenges any series faces is standing out in an overcrowded market. Learn how Marketing can help.

lille dialogues

Key industry executives and policy makers come together to discuss strategy, regulation and how to overcome the challenges facing the European audiovisual industry. The Lille Dialogues will take place on March 23rd.

The 2023 pitches, panels and conferences include :

March 22th : The Co-pro Pitching Sessions, IP Pitches : Book to Screen and Podcast to Screen…

March 21th and 22th : Coming next from France, Spain, Quebec and many more

March 21th : Series and Gaming: Mutual Fascination, Inexorable Convergence?

March 21th : Stand Up For European IP!

March 22th : Watch out! Amazing Communication Campaigns for Series

March 22th : The Fight for Attention on Content: How Series Can Better Leverage Social Media?

March 23th : Stories That Change The World: How To Tell Desirable Futures?