This week, discover Die Welt Kippt (Tipping point) by Heiko von Tschischwitz.

Die Welt Kippt

By Heiko von Tschischwitz

  • Genre : Thriller, Crime-Fiction
  • Publisher : List
  • Language : German
  • Publication year : September, 2022

Why should you adapt this book into a TV series ?

This eco-thriller picks up on many of the elements that resonate with readers internationally – diverse characters, a mix of large and small scale plot points and a hotly debated topic, climate change, both within the story and in our society, giving this great commercial appeal. With a focus on stunning visuals – the author spends a lot of time describing landscapes, especially in Poole and in Hamburg – and intimate conversations between small groups of characters, this story is almost pre-destined for adaptation and would make for a brilliant series with the right cast and vision.

What’s the story ?

A speculative science fiction novel exploring a world in which personality and memory can be stored digitally after In this eco-thriller, activist Tessa knows that humanity must change its ways to stop climate change. Her partner Shannon, an investor from Silicon Valley, is convinced that salvation can only come by way of new technologies. Both Tessa and Shannon have to ask themselves what they are willing to sacrifice for their convictions.


Years and years

About the author

Heiko von Tschischwitz (born 1968) is a German writer. He studied energy and environmental technology and has been a successful entrepreneur in the field of climate protection and renewable energies for 25 years. The founding of LichtBlick, the first and largest provider of green electricity in Germany, made him known outside the industry. DIE WELT KIPPT (Tipping Point) is his first novel.

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