Do I need to speak English to undertake this course?

Yes, participants will need to be able to speak, read and write English fluently.  The course is entirely taught in English and participants are expected to produce their work in English.

How will I find accommodation in Lille?

SERIES MANIA fournira à tous les participants quelques sites web utiles. Cette liste est purement indicative et n’a pour but que de donner aux participants quelques pistes de location.

What if I cannot afford the cost of the course and living in Lille?

The selection process does not take into consideration a candidate’s financial resources or needs. Candidates are not chosen on the basis of their financial resources and Series Mania Institute provides a limited number of bursaries to candidates in financial need. Applicants are also encouraged to seek financial support from their respective regional and national funding bodies.

How will the selection committee decide on the applicants?

The selection committee will take the following criteria into consideration:

1. The applicant’s professional experience

2. The applicant’s openness to collaboration

3. The applicant’s knowledge of the international series industry

The selection committee will strive for diversity of representation of the applicants (ethnicity, gender, etc.).

What happens if COVID-related travel restrictions are imposed?

In this rapidly evolving health context and depending on the decisions made by French and European authorities, the organisers of Eureka Series reserve the right to suspend, cancel or change the activities offered to participants. The organisers are committed to informing participants of any changes to the schedule and/or activities of Eureka Series. Likewise, participants facing personal or professional issues in the current health context are required to contact the organisers immediately and inform them of any restrictions to travel and/or participate in Eureka Series

Should you have any further question, please contact us at smi@seriesmania.com