Meet the young talents from all over Europe that entered Eureka Series, our intensive training course for emerging television drama series writers and producers!

CLASS OF fall 2022

Gaïa Musacchio

Gaia graduated from the National Film School with a degree in Series writing and TV production. She created two series for the Italian branch of Fox, worked as a staff writer for Disney, and as a field producer for a variety of non-scripted productions (Netflix, Viacom, Banijay).  She’s madly in love with teen drama, as she considers a teenager herself.

jean-loup pochoy (france)

A business school graduate, Jean-Loup Pochoy worked as CFO and COO for feature films and documentaries production companies. He then renounced easy money and chose a life of pain and loneliness by becoming a screenwriter. He is currently developing TV shows in France with Partita Films (Newen Studios), Lincoln TV and La Belle Affaire Productions.

lucie trémolières (france)

Lucie is a writer, director and comedian. She studied History at University College, London and Directing at Screen Academy Scotland. Her work focuses on our diverse emotional relationships to the ecological crises, be it for stage (Collectif YAQU), Film (Calista Films), or TV (Junafilm, Watchnext). She also works in green production (Ecoprod).

Ludivine allegue

Ludivine is a Madrid-based screenwriter, with a background in visual arts and non-fiction writing. She trained in TV script writing at the ECAM, where she developed a musical dramedy project that received special mention on Filmarket Hub. She has a predilection for drama and dark humor. Her fondness for love stories is unbreakable.

marta ambel-meyer (spain)

Marta is half French and half Spanish. She works in the fiction department of a production company in Madrid in development. She has been selected for several screenwriting labs, such as Mediapro Labs, Ibermedia, and Cannes MIPTV…

mathilde alméras (france)

Growing up in the French Alpes, Mathilde has spent four years in the United-Kingdom (Glasgow) studying filmmaking and screenwriting. With a background in drama and a strong love for cinema, she developed her writing voice by writing several short-movies and developed TV series in English. She is passionate about acting and any forms of storytelling.

melek berfin altinisik

Berfin is a writer-director from Istanbul. A child of curiosity and adventure, she went on to study her Bachelor’s at Sarah Lawrence College in New York with short stints in Havana and Florence. She worked in TV development and film production in Turkey. She’s currently developing her own projects and searching for writing opportunities in Europe.

michele furfari (italy)

Michele has worked in development for Mediaset/RTI and has written for several production companies (Endemol, GA&A, TimVision/ The AL Lovers). A graduate of the writing school of Rai Fiction, he was recently selected for the Canal+/Vivendi residency “Cannes Series/ Talent Unlimited”.

oksana grytsenko (ukraine)

Oksana is a Ukrainian playwright and screenwriter based in Kyiv. She is a co-founder of Kyiv’s Theater of Playwrights. In 2020, she developed her play Don Juan from Zhashkiv into a screenplay for a feature film with the same title. The film was produced in 2021, but its release was postponed because of the war. 

tania notaro

Tania is an actor and screenwriter from Dublin. She has a Master’s degree in Screenwriting for Film & TV and is a Warner Brothers scholar. Her TV show Cabaret Cartel is currently in development under Screen Ireland’s Spotlight Scheme. She recently made her directorial debut with her short film Glitterbug and is set to make her second short film Postpartum in association with Virgin Media.

victoria koum (france)

Graduated in Screenwriting, Victoria worked with emerging directors. After winning writing funds and being published through a collective poems book, she is now focused on series concepts and poetry. Currently, Victoria is developing a miniseries for the French partner of the series The Chosen.

vincent toujas (France)

Vincent is a french playwright, screenwriter and director for nearly 10 years. He won several prizes for his shorts films and his shortcom TV series “Merci” as a showrunner in Festival de La Fiction de la Rochelle 


CLASS OF Spring 2022

Writer (FRANCE)

After graduating from the International Institute of Image and Sound in Paris, Adrien worked as a
script coordinator and became a writer for animated shows. He also writes live-action films and
series, with a taste for exploring what malfunctions in ourselves.


Aisha is an Austrian writer based in Barcelona. A graduate of the USC film school in Los Angeles, she
now collaborates on film and audio projects in Spain and Germany, most recently on the feature
Everything Will Change. She is working on her first TV series project Skyriders.


Anthony is a screenwriter / director based in Brussels. He graduated from the international training
in series writing at INSAS and previously co-developed a series with the company “Les gens” (from De Mensen group) for the RTBF-FWB series fund.


Aurélie has travelled the world and her well is full of stories. Dublin based bilingual (French-English)
writer for animation and live-action with an eclectic taste and a penchant for action dramedies. Who doesn’t like a strong but flawed female hero?


Growing up in southern Italy, between the Catholic sacraments and the rave parties in the Apulian
countryside, Davide spent his formative years between Havana and Turin, and is now settled in Rome where he writes for cinema, edits and works in production.


Dimitra is a Greek screenwriter, actor and lecturer in scriptwriting based in London. She holds a
degree in Scriptwriting from the University of East Anglia. She is passionate about stories that can
provoke a debate around the sense of home and the nature of justice.

Writer (FRANCE)

Félicia is a French Corsican writer, living in Paris. She studied script writing at Sorbonne- Nouvelle and at ESRA. She is the creator of Back to Corsica (france.tv) and she is also developing several other projects with Red Corner Production and BBC Studios.


Ioanna is a Greek writer/ director credited in fiction and documentary films, focusing on female and
social issues. Surrealism, psychoanalytical inquiry and multileveled ambiguity of reality are reflected in her work.


Jakub has worked on several Czech projects, which you will certainly not know. He is not afraid of emotions as he loves a good cry. He is also not afraid to rewrite (a lot). Thanks to his relentless
lifelong efforts, he thinks he’s finally made it to the bottom.

Writer (ESTONIA)

Leana is an Estonian screenwriter, whose filmography includes the award-winning Mother (2016),
two other features, and two shorts. She is active internationally and is currently working on several
drama series and a feature documentary.


Lina, born in 1985, in Vilnius, Lithuania, comes from a film background. So far, she has directed two features, Together For Ever and The Castle, and two documentaries, Igrushki and Blue/Red/ Deport.
She is working on her first TV series project ‘C’ FOR CANCEL.


Zsuzsanna is a Hungarian writer-director and university teacher. Her films, shown at international
festivals and on Netflix, highlight sensitive social topics and identity questions in politically charged
times, often with a dark sense of humor.



Anna is a freelance producer based in Paris. She worked for three years at Agat Films & Cie. She produced two seasons of the social impact TV Series MTV Shuga Babi within a co-production frame with Ivory Coast and France for the London-based MTV Staying Alive Foundation of Viacom CBS Networks.

Simon PR Bewick
Writer (France/UK)

Simon is a French-British writer, director and producer of documentaries and TV series. He was a member of the France4 Award at the Critics’ Week for the Cannes Festival 2013. He can also be seen acting in the films of Pierre Léon, Bénédicte Brunet and Pascal Cervo.

Lorine Plagnol
Producer (France)

Lorine is a London-based producer, founder of Sungazer Limited. She develops and produces forward-thinking film & TV projects with international collaborators from a diverse range of backgrounds. She co-produces with the like of BBC, FILM4 and Dogwoof.

Razvan Macovei
Writer (Romania)

Razvan is a writer, producer and director, who has worked on award-winning films and participated in various workshops (Sundance, Midpoint, TIFF). He currently develops local stories for mainstream, international audiences.

Zuzanna Grajzer
Writer (Poland)

Originally from Poland, Zuzanna is an Edinburgh-based screenwriter and a holder of a BA in Film Studies and an MA in Screenwriting. Zuzanna’s favourite genres to work in are dramedy and science fiction.

Writer (FRANCE)

Based in Paris, David has been working as a scriptwriter for 10 years. He has just finished co-writing two episodes of HPI, whose first season attracted over 11 million viewers on TF1. Before that, he participated in writing Ouija, a mini-series created by Thomas Bourguignon and Jörg Winger, for France TV International.

Writer (CROATIA)

Julia received her BA in directing from The Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo and her MA in serial storytelling from ifs internationale filmschule köln. She is developing series concepts, which were presented at multiple festivals and got “best pitch” awards.

Writer (UK)

Shyam is a graduate of the NFTS Screenwriting MA. He has been nominated for the All3Media New Voices, FilmarketHub, TV Pilot Script and the Final Draft Big Break Award, as well as longlisted for the Short Animation BAFTA.


Esther is an Emmy-winning producer, who has worked in Paris, London, NYC and Ho Chi Minh City. She has produced TV series and documentaries that have aired on Netflix, TruTV, OWN, PBS, Comedy Central, HBO and Canal Plus. She is currently based between France and the US.


Ben is a London-based writer with British-Australian nationality. He spent much of the 2010s living and working in Germany. He writes for film and TV and creates stories that combine comedy and drama. In 2020 he was a resident at the Canneseries programme.

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