The Alumni network brings together all former learners from Series Mania Institute’s programs:

  • Workshops
  • Executive program/ Professional trainings
  • Initiation program
  • Master 

the objectives of the network

Create connections among international professionals

The alumni network aims to create lasting connections among our former learners, thereby fostering collaborations and opportunities on an international scale.

Contribute to the exchange of skills and breaking down barriers in the field of serial fiction

Promote professional integration

We work towards the professional integration of our learners from the Tremplin programs and the program co-constructed with Sciences Po Lille, by offering increased visibility to industry professionals and facilitating the identification and sharing of job opportunities.

the benefits of the network

  • Integration into the Institute directory accessible to industry professionals. This directory provides access to contact information for participants of Series Mania Institute’s programs, as well as additional information about their background and series projects.
  • A LinkedIn network bringing together our entire community of learners and alumni to develop connections and professional opportunities.
  • Showcasing the professional journey of our alumni through our website, social media, and newsletter
What is the Alumni network and what are its objectives?

The Alumni network brings together former learners of Series Mania Institute from all programs (workshops, executive program, initiation program, master).

The objectives of this network are manifold:

  • Creating connections among emerging international professionals
  • Contributing to the exchange of skills and breaking down barriers in the field of serial fiction
  • Promoting professional integration through increased visibility of our learners to industry professionals through monitoring and sharing of professional opportunities
Why join the Series Mania Institute Alumni network?

As a Series Mania Institute Alumni, you become part of a community and enjoy various benefits.

Through a dedicated online network, reconnect with fellow participants, expand your professional network, share ideas and professional opportunities, and discover articles about the industry and its training offerings. Through the Institute Directory, a directory of former learners accessible online on the SeriesMania+ platform, enhance your visibility among all accredited professionals of Séries Mania Forum.

How to become part of the Alumni network?

To be part of the Alumni network, all you need is to have participated in one of the Series Mania Institute’s training programs or programs co-constructed with Series Mania Institute (Workshops, Executive program, Initiation Program, Master).

How can I discover and contact Series Mania Institute Alumni?

The Institute Directory lists all talents, emerging and established, who have passed through Series Mania Institute, across all programs. It provides access to the contact details of talents, as well as additional information about their background and audiovisual projects. The directory is accessible to Séries Mania Forum accredited members on the SeriesMania+ platform: https://forum.seriesmaniaplus.com/

Are there online resources available exclusively for Series Mania Institute Alumni?

Yes, there is one LinkedIn group open to our international current and former participants:

The SMI Network group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12962519 This group is open to all current and former participants of Series Mania Institute programs. Here is the type of content shared in this group:

*Small surveys, recommendations, sharing of experiences to help you stay in touch with other former students
*Articles from Series Mania festival, forum, and institute to learn more about the audiovisual industry
*Calls for applications for residencies and training programs from Series Mania Institute and its network of partners and schools
*Testimonials from former Series Mania Institute students on their career paths and professional projects, an opportunity to stay connected and find new opportunities


What type of content can I share in these LinkedIn groups?

It’s possible to:

*Share your professional and personal experiences since completing Series Mania Institute
*Ask questions or seek advice from community members (related to your professional development)
*Announce relevant events, professional opportunities, or interesting projects related to the audiovisual sector

I want to connect with other alumni from my program, how can I do that?

Through LinkedIn groups and the Institute directory.

How can I update my contact information as a former participant?

Contact the coordinator of your program, or send an email to smi@seriesmania.com.

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If you are a former participant of one of our programs and would like to share your experience (courses, professional masterclasses, alumni events, etc.), you can also contact us at smi@seriesmania.com