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Master and negotiate screenwriting rights

This three-day course provides you with the tools to enhance your legal knowledge and, through practical exercises, to defend your screenwriting rights and negotiate with potential partners.

Target audience: Screenwriters and screenwriters’ agents

Format: 3 days in English

Dates: June 11-13, 2024

Registrations are open

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Pitch your series in French

You have a series project, but you struggle to pitch it efficiently? This three-day course is the right fit for you to enhance your pitching skills in French and build confidence to communicate your project and vision.

Target audience: French-speaking screenwriters and producers

Format: 3 days in French

Dates: June 18-20, 2024

Registrations are open

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Pitch your series in English

This three-day training program focuses on developing and fine-tuning your pitch in English for maximum impact. It will help you gain the confidence to stand out to potential collaborators and communicate your project effectively.

Target audience: Screenwriters and producers

Format: 3 days in English

Dates: Fall 2024

Registrations will open soon.

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Conceive an impactful series pitch deck

A series pitch deck is essential to secure funding, partnerships or distribution deals. It introduces the series concept, market potential and the creative team, providing a concise overview of the project’s vision and commercial viability. Through this three-day course, you will learn to create a compelling pitch deck for your series project and its strategic use.


European screenwriters and producers


3 days in English


Fall 2024

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