+ What are the program’s objectives?

SERIESMAKERS is a creative initiative that focuses on feature film directors who venture into the world of scripted TV series. The objective is to support talents working on a new scripted TV series. The ten selected teams create a full pitch deck for a new project during the program. Two out of the ten selected projects will be awarded a € 50,000 (fifty thousand Euros) Beta Development Award each. The two awarded teams will be presented at Series Mania and will develop a pilot script and a bible with further creative support. In 2024, the two awarded teams will also present their projects at Series Mania.

Further, a third team will be awarded with an award of €20,000 (twenty thousand Euros) as courtesy of the Kirch Foundation in collaboration with HFF / University of Television and Film Munich (the Kirch Foundation Award) which will be given to a third project to further encourage the development of the project.

+ Can I apply as an individual?

 No, only teams consisting of either one director and one producer or one director and one writer are eligible.

+ Can I apply with multiple projects?

As a director, you can only submit one project. As a producer or writer, you can submit more than one project. Each project must be submitted individually.

+ Which genres are eligible?

All genres of scripted TV series are eligible, e.g., drama, comedy, period, crime, sci-fi, except for kids/young adults and animation.

+ Our project is an adaptation. Can we apply?

Yes, you will, however, need to prove that rights to the underlying property are either obtained or may be obtained through the execution of an obtained existing option in order to develop and produce the project.

+ Can projects that have participated in other workshops be eligible to SERIESMAKERS?

Yes, projects that have participated in other programs or workshops are eligible provided that such programs or workshops have been completed prior to application at SERIESMAKERS.
For avoidance of doubt a project is not eligible if at the time of application at SERIESMAKERS or during SERIESMAKERS such project is simultaneously submitted to a training initiative, market event or funding institution.

+ As a director, I have already had a TV show produced. Am I still considered eligible for the program?

Yes, if you, your team and your series project meet all criteria of the program (see Rules and Regulations here), you are eligible.

+ I live outside of Europe. Can I apply?

Yes, SERIESMAKERS is a worldwide program.

+ The original language of my project will not be English. Can I apply?

Yes, the original language of the developed project can be in any language. However, the communication language of the program is English. All materials at all steps of the program must be in English. Translation costs, if any, are not borne by SERIESMAKERS.

+ The story of my project is set outside of Europe. Can I apply?

Yes, all settings are eligible.

+ Can we submit with talents, co-producer(s) or financiers on board?

Yes, you may submit such projects provided you own rights to the submitted project. A co-producer or financier as an applicant will, however, not be eligible for the program. All information regarding any such attached talent or other partners needs to be fully disclosed in the application form.

+ Can a director and a writer apply for an adaptation, knowing that the adaptation rights are held by their producer and not them directly?

Yes, you can apply. However, please mention who holds the IP rights in the comments section in the application form. With adaptations, we may ask you to prove in writing that rights are secured.  You can refer to section 9 – Intellectual Property in the Rules and Regulations regarding a project’s rights requirements.

+ Which festivals are considered A-list festivals?

We consider festivals which present an international selection of scripted feature films running in competition and are therefore recognized in the film industry and by the general public as A-list film festivals.

+ I had a feature-length documentary screened in the official selection of an A-list film festival. Can I apply?

No, the director must have had at least one feature film (fiction only) screened in an official selection of an A-list film festival.

+ I have one feature film selected in the official selection of an A-list film festival but OUT OF competition. Can I apply?

Yes, you can apply to SERIESMAKERS if your film has been part of an A-list film festival’s official selection (in or out of the competition).

+ As a producer or a writer, I have a feature film screened in the official selection of an A-list film festival. However, the director did not have a feature film screened in the official selection of an A-list film festival. Can we apply as a team?

No, it is required that the director had at least one feature film (fiction only) screened in the official selection of an A-list film festival.

+ I am only available for the program to a limited extent. However, my team partner would be present throughout. Can we apply?

No, prior to the commencement of the program, all participants will need to sign an approval of commitment, each stating their full commitment, as well as general availability for a duration of up to 4 months to participate in the workshops and the on-going development of their project.

+ As a team, we are currently developing a project and already have a full bible and/or pilot script in place. Could we polish it during the program?

No, the program is intended for projects at an early stage only.

+ Are there any terms or conditions tied to the awards?

The two Beta Development Awards shall be used directly for the development of the bible and the pilot script of the awarded projects.

The participants awarded a Beta Development Award will enter into a co-development agreement with Beta Film upon terms and conditions to be negotiated in good faith and in accordance with industry standards.

The Kirch Foundation Award in collaboration with HFF will be given to a third project to further encourage the development of the project.

+ What happens to the project if one or both participants decide to leave the program?

If the producer or writer decides to leave the program, the position may be replaced in consultation with SERIESMAKERS.

If the director decides to leave the program, the team and its project may be disqualified.

+ In addition to the required pitch deck, I would like to add more material to my application. Am I allowed to send/share it via email?

No, only a pitch deck of the series consisting of a logline, synopsis, characters, story arch, creator’s note, tone and style, and filmographies of the applicants (in English only and with a maximum of 10 pages) is allowed for the application.

+ Can the submitted 10-pages pitch deck include visuals and/or a moodboard?

Yes, you can include visuals in your pitch deck for the application, as long as it respects the mandatory formatting (see Rules and Regulations).

+ Can I issue press releases or talk to financiers during the program?

Yes, but until the award ceremony, any press release or communication with financiers requires prior written approval from SERIESMAKERS.

 + I’m having trouble uploading my documents for submission. Whom can I contact?

For technical assistance and further inquiries please contact the Series Mania team at seriesmakers@seriesmania.com.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Please note: The FAQs are non-binding and for informational purposes only. In the event of a collision of any term of the FAQs with any term of the Rules and Regulations, the term of the Rules and Regulations shall prevail. Rules and Regulations may, however, be subject to change.