Going European is a training course for international duos of authors launched by the CNC, in partnership with three major events:

  • Séries Mania
  • Conecta Fiction & Entertainment (in June in Spain)
  • Cinelink Industry Days du Sarajevo Film Festival (in August in Bosnia).

This program is intended for international duos of authors and focuses on the issues specific to the co writing of international series.

The Residency

Funded by the European Commission’s MEDIA programme for a period of three years (2023-2025) this training will accompany five pairs of authors per year, or thirty professionals throughout the program, all engaged in co-writing of international projects.

The five pairs are chosen annually by the CNC (among the winners of the international co-production assistance, COCO-I) and its partners. The aim is to create a diverse group of authors in terms of experiences, backgrounds and nationalities, united by the desire to share their experiences and promote international co-writing.

The program

Each year, the ten resident authors will participate in a three one-week training sessions during the partner events.  They will benefit from the support of professionals during a series of workshops and meetings that will focus on the central issues of international co-productions: creative aspects (writing for the international, collaborating in workshops…), production issues (financing, organization and sharing of work), the regulatory dimension (European legal context, contractual practices), issues related to promotion, diffusion and export (how to think about them in your author’s work), not to mention the environmental issues that affect all stages of production of a series.