The Colony

Deental Series Workshop

Historical |
As European powers stake their claim on the African continent, the Winthrop, the Khan and Ole-Sambu families vie for survival during the turbulent times of imperial rule, rife with segregation, war, disease and mess migration.   Company profile : Xeinium Productions specialises in the creation and development of ambitious, high-quality, entertaining television, film and animation works for the global market. Xeinium is the creative force behind the hit satirical comedy, The Samaritans (www.aidforaid.org), which won an award for best comedy at DISCOP. Upon release of the sizzle reel, The Samaritans has been viewed in every country on the planet. The series’ concept has been covered by major international news outlets: CNN, Al-Jazeera, BBC, Sunday Times UK, Huffington Post, IndieWire, CBC, NPR, Salon, Deutsche Welle, Courrier International (France), L’Espresso (Italy), ABC (Australia) and more. This series has gained international attention despite it being at ‘proof of [...]
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