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Drama | Spain, Colombia |
LLanos Salinas (30) is a private investigator used to handle the little dirt of Catalan bourgeoisie, often with the advice from her father,  seclude in a psychiatric hospital. Behind her sarcasm she conceals her source of anxiety : what to do about the dirt of those she loves.   Company profile : Amor y Lujo was born at the end of 2016 in Barcelona, following the decision of Venezuelan director and producer Andrea Herrera Catalá to settle in Europe. Andrea partners with Almudena Monzú, Spanish screenwriter and emerging producer, who had also worked on various projects in the Latin American space during the years of the financial crisis in Spain. Both choose Barcelona to start from scratch. They are dedicated to the production of films with authorial and international accents, often linked to Latin America, that explores new narratives by mixing and revisiting film genres, and that investigate in the field of contemporary erotic narrative and imaginary. They were represented [...]
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