Mozart Mozart

Co-Pro Pitching Sessions

Germany |
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is slowly going mad. To save the family’s legacy, his sister Maria Anna pretends to be him, conducting at the Viennese court. But soon her talent and determination attract the attention of composer Salieri, who threatens to blow Maria Anna’s cover.   Company profile : Story House Pictures is part of Bavaria Film Group, one of Europe’s leading film and television companies. Founded in 1999, Story House is an Emmy®-nominated production company with offices in Washington D.C., Berlin, Munich and Halifax. Its programs have been commissioned by broadcasters across the globe. Most recently, Story House Pictures produced the German-Chilean thriller series ‘Dignity’, which launched on German streaming platform Joyn and aired in multiple territories across the globe in 2020. It was nominated for the prestigious German Grimme-award. The historical drama series ‘Sisi’ is currently in production for RTL Media Group and BETA.
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