La Palma

Co-Pro Pitching Sessions

Drama | Norway |
When regular tourists from Scandinavia are hit by a large volcanic eruption on the idyllic Canary Islands, they must fight for their lives through lawless conditions, toxic ash and lava flows to reach safety before being hit by the big.   Company profile : Fantefilm was established in 1997, making it one of the oldest production companies in Norway. Fantefilm aspires to produce larger than life movies for a wide-ranging cinema audience. We aim to make our projects easily recognizable within their respective genres, with an emphasis on multi-layered characters put in extraordinary situations. The company’s first feature film, Cold Prey broke the Norwegian box office records for the hor- ror/slasher genre. Ten years later The Wave hit Norwegian theatres and became one of the big- gest Norwegian-produced box office hits ever. Its sequel The Quake (2018) became the number one box office hit of 2018. With these movies, and the upcoming The North Sea (2021), Fantefilm has [...]
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