Dakar Underground

Dakar UnderGround

Deental Series Workshop

Drama | Senegal |
After his best friend is killed by a group of famous rich kids in a car accident, Xalil a stray kid, accepts a bribe in exchange for not reporting the event to the police and, hides the corpse. With the money Xalil sees the opportunity to live that high life he always envied this golden youth. To buy himself a conscience, he swears to fulfill the dream of his late friend that was, to get out of the streets and one day, save the children from the streets. With the rest of his crew Tomboy and Yacine, he manages to win through lying and deceiving, the infamous Guddi Saraba : a night where all the most notorious and rich kids of the dakar nightlife, compete to organise the most craziest party of the holidays. After realizing that this star-spangled life of gloss and glitter is not for him, he focuses on the promise he made to his late best friend. Through hip hop and slam he tries to voice the dreams, hopes, pain and joy of a youth in mutation screaming for help and love. [...]
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