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Drama - Crime - Police | South Africa, Australia |

8 episode(s) of 45min

Based on Malla Nunn’s multi-award-winning novels, and created for television by James McNamara, COOPER is a visceral, darkly romantic crime series set in 1950s South Africa. Detective Emmanuel Cooper’s obsession with solving murders is the only way to manage the traumas of a violent childhood. It’s also the one thing that could destroy him. Multiracial, he lives a lie passing as a ‘white cop’, fearing his past will ruin him and everyone he loves. That explosive secret means he’s always playing with a loaded gun, risking not only his job but being jailed for ‘racial misrepresentation’, a crime in Apartheid South Africa. In Jacob’s Rest, a rural town of dusty beauty and buried secrets, Cooper is sent to investigate what he believes to be a hoax. But the truth is far more dangerous: the town’s all-powerful white police captain has been murdered, and everyone is a suspect. As the investigation unfolds, Cooper forms an unlikely alliance with Samuel Shabalala, a talented Zulu constable [...]
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