Cold Haven

Co-Pro Pitching Sessions

Iceland, Portugal |
A Young Portuguese woman moves to a fishing village in Iceland in search of a safe haven for her and her daughter. When she turns up dead, Soffía, the Icelandic detective charged with the case finds out her son is connected to the deceased. How far will she go when it’s her own family ?   Company profile : SPi, S.A is an independent production company, dedicated to the development of international projects, and a pioneer in the Portuguese market concerning productions with and for streaming platforms. SPi, S.A. is responsible for the first original Portuguese Netflix series – “Glória”- to be premiered in 2021, which has placed Portuguese audio-visual production next to the best international productions. SPi´s curriculum includes the series “Dry Water I” and “Dry Water II” (in post-production), which first season aired on HBO, RTP (Portugal) and TVG (Spain) as well as the production of a sitcom for Disney, aimed at the Angolan market called “Gilmário´s Bar”. SPi has [...]
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