Balaton Brigade

Co-Pro Pitching Sessions

Historical | Hungary |
At the Hungarian Sea, the long hot summer of’86 brings the Cold War to the boil. A hardened Stasi agent faces off against a reform Communist, engaging in intense psychological warfare while he prepares to conduct his family to the West in the face of surveillance.   Company profile : Born in Central-Eastern Europe, Joyrider is a creative network with a mission to develop premium serialized visual narratives for multiple platforms. Our focus is on high-concept, genre-based shows built around a strong, deeply resonant thematic core. Our projects have an international appeal: Central European sensibilities and storytelling traditions meet Western narrative structures and standards resulting in unique, innovative and compelling series, capable of making the grade worldwide. Headed by Gábor Krigler, Creative Executive at HBO Europe between 2011 and 2018, the Joyrider team’s experience in devising serialized drama for TV spans twenty years. We can take any project from its [...]
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