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Drama | Israel |
LOVES HAS NO ROAD MAP. A Palestinian and Israeli reach a point of no return as lovers and as leaders of their nations.   Company profile : AMAL is developed by United King Films, Topia Communications and Eran Riklis Productions. Also in development by this joint venture are the series The Abduction of Yossele Schumacher (Series Mania 2020, in development with Anonymous Content, LA) and the feature film Reading Lolita in Tehran, based on the bestseller by Azar Nafisi, a co-production between Israel, Italy, France and Germany. Topia Communications is led by Michael Sharfshtein, a veteran Israeli producer, working in the film industry since 1970. Sharfshtein produced many award winning films, most recently Spider in the Web as well as TV series and documentaries. Topia has a long and fruitful working relationship with United King Films, Israel’s largest entertainment group. Based in Tel Aviv – Working with the world. A boutique production company, specializing in co-productions [...]
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