Canada-France Series Lab is a joint venture between Series Mania Forum, Telefilm Canada, CNC, and BANFF World Media Festival. The main goal of the Canada-France Series Lab is to encourage and facilitate the development of new relationships between Canadian and French producers and ultimately create new co-production opportunities, while at the same time fostering the development of projects with strong international potential in a competitive environment. 

Partners of this new Series Lab include the Embassy of Canada in France, the French Embassy in Canada and the Canada Media Fund and will be supported by producers’ associations and industry partners from each country.

In partnership with

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Phase 1

The Canada-France Series Lab is a year-long initiative starting at Series Mania Forum 2023 and ending at the 2024 event.

Key dates

April 11-21, 2023: call opens for phase 2 & 3
Week of May 15, 2023: selections announcement
June 11-14, 2023: BANFF World Media Festival
Septembre 2023 – March 2024: online workshops and tailor-made one-on-one sessions with experts
March 19-21, 2024: pitch session at Series Mania Forum 2024

Phase 1 of the Series Lab took place during Series Mania Forum 2023 during which ten Canadian producers and ten French producers took part in two days of matchmaking sessions and talks with industry experts to get to know each other and try to find their co-production partner.

Selected production companies and producers

French companies

    Tatiana Maksimenko, producer
    Olivier Rohde, Producer
    Nicolas Cambier, creator / director
  • KAMandKA
    Samuel Kaminka – Producer
    Stéphane Kaminka – Producer
  • L’Etoile Noire Production
    Marc Andreani, Producer
    Viven Desouches, Art director
    Edyta Janczak-Hiriart – producer
  • OBLE
    Hugo Brisbois – Producer and co-fondator
    Caroline Houben – Producer
  • Script Line
    Gini Lorin – Producer
  • Subobscura Films
    Georg Tiller – Author, director, producer
    Maéva Ranaïvojaona – Author, director, Producer
  • Wildcats Productions
    Odile McDonald – Producer

Canadian companies

  • Adani Pictures Inc
    Rua Wani – Producer
  • Avenida et Ça Tourne Productions
    Chantal Lafleur, Producer
    Renée Blanchar, Producer and scriptwriter
  • Brightlight Pictures
    Emily Alden – Producer
  • Cedar Island Films
    Andrew Williamson – Co-President
  • Encore Télévision
    François Rozon – Producer
    Dominique Simard – Producer
  • Hemmings Films
    Steven Suntres – Producer
  • Hop To It Productions
    Susan Nation, Ted Nation and Paul Melville
  • Nish Media
    Jason Brennan – President
  • Productions du milieu
    René Savoie – Producer
  • Screen Siren Pictures
    Josh Epstein – Producer and co-creator

Phase 2

PHASE 2 & 3 (coming soon)
Up to five pairs of French and Canadian co-producers who are developing an audiovisual series together and wish to be supported in its creative and financing structuring and presentation to the global market will be selected by a jury of experts presided by Emmanuelle Guilbart (Joint CEO & founder, About Premium Content).

On the agenda for phase 2 & 3: work sessions in the inspiring setting of the Rockies during the Banff World Media Festival (June 11-14, 2023), online workshops and individual consultations (September 2023 – March 2024) and pitch sessions and meetings with decision-makers at the Series Mania Forum (March 19-21, 2024).

This call for entries pertains to phases 2 & 3 of the Canada-France Series Lab only. Any project submitted must be entered jointly by an eligible Canadian and French production and must meet all the eligibility criteria listed in the rules and regulations. Check the complete guidelines here:

The jury is composed of:

President: Emmanuelle Guilbart, Joint Ceo & Founder, About Premium Content (FR)
Sydney Gallonde, CEO & Executive Producer, Make It Happen Studio (FR)
Christina Jennings, President & Chairman, Shaftesbury (CA)
Christine de Bourbon Busset, Producer, Lincoln TV (FR)
Daniela Mujica, Executive Producer, Author, Productions Ocho (CA)

Call for entries for phase 2 will open on April 11, 4 pm (CET). The deadline for entries is Friday, April 21, 2023 at midnight (CET).

Call for projects is now closed.



If you have any questions regarding the programme, please contact us at ca-fr.serieslab@seriesmania.com.

Note that this page will be updated on a regular basis.

Residencies & Workshops