Two Summers

Twee Zomers

International Panorama

international premiere
Drama - Thriller - mystery | Belgium | 2021

Series: 6 x 45min

A group of friends get together thirty years after one of the group members died in a tragic accident while they were on holiday. What was supposed to be a relaxing vacation changes rapidly into a nightmare, when some of the friends are blackmailed with footage from that terrible week three decades ago.

Our take

On a paradise island, two-faced old friends are looking for the mole threatening to reveal their darkest secret. A ferocious tale about the ultra-rich and the violence of men, written like a detective story in the genre of Agatha Christie’s.

  • Created By Tom LENAERTS, Paul BAETEN
  • Written By Tom LENAERTS, Paul BAETEN
  • Directed By Tom LENAERTS, Brecht VANHOENACKER
  • Music Dominique PAUWELS
  • With An MILLER, Marieke ANTHONI, Tom VERMEIR, Lukas BULTEEL, Herwig ILEGEMS, Bjarne DEVOLDER, Inge PAULUSSEN, Louise BERGEZ, Kevin JANSSENS, Tijmen GOVAERTS, Ruth BECQUART, Tine ROGGEMANE, Koen DE BOUW, Vincent VAN SANDE, Felix MEYER, Sanne Samine Hanssen, Jennifer Heylen
  • Production Panenka
  • Broadcaster VRT, NETFLIX
  • International sales France tv distribution

19 March

UGC Ciné-Cité
19:00 - 21:12
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20 March

UGC Ciné-Cité
13:00 - 14:42