The Treatment

The Treatment

Writers Campus

Drame - Crime | Australie |

6 épisode(s) de 60min

In the hospital system there are some patients, so dangerous, no one’s willing to treat them. Those patients are sent under armoured guard to Dr SOPHIE HUNNAN on Ward 17. With a mix of clients, ranging from dangerous inmates direct from correctional centres, to those threatening self-harm from drug induced psychosis, it takes a special kind of person to work on locked Ward 17. Liaising closely with the police, Sophie heads up an eccentric team of medical professionals, all there for their own unique reasons. Together they’ve formed a short hand, keeping an eye out for one another and often combating the confronting nature of their work with black humour. Thanks to Sophie, Ward 17 is a place where humanity and understanding are always a priority. No matter what her patients may have done, Sophie is determined to give them the best possible care. But when notorious crime lord CHARLIE VALLUDO is admitted to the ward with liver cancer awaiting a transplant. A man whose actions have [...]
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