Hijacking Paradise

Hijacking Paradise

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Thriller - Drame | Belgium |

6 épisode(s) de 52min

In the late-eighties a hard working family man loses his job and decides to set sail for the other side of the world, only to find his yacht hijacked and his family taken hostage. Instead of finding paradise he must now fight to keep his family from falling apart. His only chance of freedom is a trade with a Palestinian terrorist convicted to life in prison after a grenade attack on Jewish school children in the Antwerp city centre. In six thrilling episodes we find out why Christian and his family decided to leave, what drove young Mousa to commit his horrific act of terror and how diplomat Hannah’s efforts to free Christian and his family drown in shady political power games. Will Christian and his family ever be able to return home? Déclaration de l’auteur It’s eight o’clock in the morning and we are running. My girlfriend is seven months pregnant, so I am carrying the luggage. We are at the rear entrance to Brussels Airport, and of course we are late! This is our last [...]
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