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Policier | Portugal |

8 épisode(s) de 30min

In the night life and music world of a cosmopolitan city where sex is supposedly easier to find than love, Julia is facing the opposite: she is deeply in love with her long-term boyfriend, they are planning on living together but, one night, he breaks up with her. Although seemingly out of the blue, Julia knows why he’s leaving: her condition is the problem. Although she doesn’t lack sexual desire, she suffers from vaginismus, which makes penetrative sexual intercourse impossible for her. Julia’s path to solve her condition will take her on a journey of self-discovery as the key must be buried somewhere in her past, from the strict all-girls Catholic school she attended, to an absent father and the conflict with a repressed Mother. Along the way, she must find the confidence she needs to not only be in a fulfilling relationship and overcome her problem as well as becoming the creative and original singer-songwriter she’s been struggling to be. Navigating her friendships, love [...]
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