With this three-day training course, learn how to craft an impactful pitch deck for your series project. The program is project-based: throughout the course, you will refine your pitch deck, ensuring it effectively communicates your project’s vision and unique value.

Are you planning to present your series project to potential partners or to apply for calls for projects, such as Series Mania Forum Co-pro pitching sessions or Writers Campus? If so, you will need a compelling pitch deck! 

A series pitch deck is an essential document used to pitch a series project. It introduces the series concept, market potential and the creative team, providing a concise overview of the project and its commercial viability.

In this three-day course, you will learn through collective sessions and individual guidance to create a powerful pitch deck for your series project, with a focus on its structure and content, its strategic use, and its visual design with the help of digital tools and AI. 


  • Acquire skills in crafting impactful pitch decks, and in tailoring them to meet the expectations of potential partners.
  • Understand the various presentation documents and their strategic uses.
  • Learn how to use digital tools and AI to gain in efficiency


  • Case studies
  • One-to-one meetings 
  • Interactive sessions in groups and collective debriefs that allow to have various feedback
  • Masterclass with digital and AI experts


  • Dates: November 13-15, 2024 – Three full consecutive days from 10am to 6pm – 21 hours of training
  • Language: Entirely in English 
  • Number of participants: 5 to 12 participants per edition
  • Location: Lille – France (10 rue des Poissonceaux)

Series Mania Institute can put participants in touch with a travel agency to facilitate hotel reservations in Lille, upon request in the registration form.

who can register?

Series writers and producers – working on fiction (no animation, documentaries), looking to interact with the European market.


  • This is a project-based program: each participant will work on a series project that they have developed and be asked to come to the training with a first draft of a pitch deck.
  • Participants must be over 18 years old or above

If you have special circumstances, such as a disability, please let us know so that we can discuss your needs. Contact: smi@seriesmania.com

program outline

During this 3-day training program, participants will gain an overview of different presentation documents and learn how to create powerful pitch decks, focusing on structure and content to achieve clarity and stand out, while adapting to specific audiences.

Through case studies and individualised sessions, participants will refine their series pitch decks, focusing on tone, world-building, and visual design, culminating in a collective presentation session with personalised feedback and comprehensive debriefs.

What is an impactful pitch deck? 

  • Understanding of the different presentation documents, their content and use (bible, mini-bible or pre-bible, treatment, pitch deck, two-pager…)
  • Pitch deck: content and structure 
  • How to adapt to your audience (producer, commissioner, broadcaster…) 
  • Focus on the note of intention and mission statement

Global layout and presentation of a pitch deck

  • Focus on graphic design: Software and tools to use to create a pitch deck; Tips for the overall aesthetic and clarity ; How to translate a series concept into images 
  • Masterclass on how AI can help in designing a pitch deck

Case studies and personalized mentoring

  • Case study – how can the tone and the world be best conveyed? 
  • One-to-one meetings on series pitch deck: where you’re at & what to include / leave out
  • Presentation to the pitch decks in a collective session, debrief for each participant

the speaker

Ludo Smolski is a development consultant and story editor currently working on several features, documentary, animation and TV drama projects. He has worked on a range of independent feature films, including Jon S Baird’s Filth. Ludo started his career working in Film and TV production for Company Pictures (The Lakes S2, Skins, The Young Person’s Guide to Becoming a Rockstar) and also previously worked for The Script Factory for over ten years. For 15 years, Ludo was co-Tutor of the NFTS Postgraduate Diploma in Script Development.

tuition fees

1,260€ per participant (taxes included)

Tuition fees are due upon receipt of an invoice. Payment by instalments can be set up, the full amount should be paid before the start of training.

For French participants, depending on your eligibility, all training programs can be funded by AFDAS or other funding organizations.

For other participants, we encourage you to contact local funds or writers/producers guilds to inquire about potential funding.

key dates

  • June 13-October 25, 2024: Registration
  • November 13-15, 2024: Series Pitch Deck training program


To register, fill in the online registration form accessible on this web page.

The rules & regulations terms must be accepted in the registration form.

Each participant will be contacted by Series Mania Institute within a week after registration, and will have to provide a CV in English and a copy of identity card or passport.

Rules and Regulations

Questions ? If you have any questions, please send an email to smi@seriesmania.com