Presentation of the Stream Network

Over the past five years, since the first edition of its festival and professional forum in Lille, Series Mania has forged partnerships with film and TV schools, encouraging their students and alumni to apply for the training programs and residencies set up by Series Mania Forum – and more recently by Series Mania Institute, Series Mania’s training arm, launched in 2021.

Over the years, Series Mania Forum has established itself as an annual networking event for staff, students and alumni of Series Mania Institute’s partner schools, particularly for emerging series writers and producers. Bringing together a growing number of series executives from Europe and beyond each year, Series Mania Forum is a unique place to reflect on the state of the industry and connect with potential co-writers, co-producers, commissioners and investors.


With the aim of supporting this network of schools, continuing the exchanges initiated with them and organizing their annual attendance at Series Mania Forum, Series Mania has designed a network proposal with several objectives:

  • Introduce audiovisual professionals to training programs and workshops developed by network members and focusing on the specificity of series
  • Facilitate exchanges and cooperation between programs and participants from network members
  • Organize an annual meeting of network members at Series Mania, to connect with the series industry

why is it called “STREAM”

Hence the name of this network: STREAM, for Series Trainings Resources, Engagement, and Media.

Members of the STREAM network will gather by Zoom twice a year to exchange and share information on their respective programs dedicated to series. The STREAM network will give its members exclusive access to a special package for Series Mania Forum.

Schools partners