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Drame - Thriller / Aventure | Pologne, Ukraine |

6 épisode(s) de 30min

On his way from Poland to the heart of darkness in Ukraine, Evgenyi, 42, has only one thing in mind: to pull his wife and three kids out from the grave danger of the Russian invasion. His time and tools are limited: the Kyiv siege is getting tighter every hour, and the only connection he has with his family is the phone. Inspired by a true story, the 6 x 30’ series takes place over the course of first 6 days of the full-scale war in Ukraine. Déclaration de l’auteurThe story in our series happens over the course of six days (six episodes) during an intense journey of one man who is trying to save his family. Moments after the war breaks out, he travels from Poland to Ukraine where he tries to reconnect with his wife and three children who are in grave danger from the Russian invasion. We follow him step by step whilst he is all the time connected over the phone to his wife and children (which we never seen on screen) – while they themselves have to go through horrific [...]
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