The Unquiet Dead

The Unquiet Dead

Co-Pro Pitching Sessions

Drame - Policier | Canada |

6 épisode(s) de 60min

When Officer ESA KHATTAK sees the body below the Bluffs, something makes him shiver. As head of Toronto’s Community Policing Service (CPS), Esa’s jurisdiction wouldn’t normally cover CHRISTOPHER DRAYTON’S inexplicable fall. But he’s come on board as a mysterious favor to TOM PALEY, an old friend from National Security, a decision vindicated when Esa exposes a shocking truth: Drayton was really Serbian war criminal Drazen Krstic. A fugitive in hiding, found dead decades after his unspeakable crimes. Justice, it seems, has finally been done. The question remains: By whom? The stakes couldn’t be higher for Esa, desperate to rehabilitate his name amidst a career-threatening personal conduct investigation. The pressure’s only heightened by demands from the local Muslim community that he take action on a slew of arson attacks on local mosques. On top of that, Esa must contend with a new partner: RACHEL GETTY. Rachel hoped her first promotion would be into community outreach but is [...]
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