The Strong Man

The Strong Man

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6 épisode(s) de 30min

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a sexy good-looking guy who’s a respected war hero with a solid pension must be in want of a wife. That was true of Captain Fadda in 1875 when he married the sultry and virginal Lea. The only problem was that on the night of their wedding while removing the corsetry, undoing the laces and buttons, Fadda shared a secret he’d kept from everyone since the end of the war. He was injured, down there, you know – how do you put this delicately? He’d lost his man bits. Needless to say Lea had been hoping to discard her virginity and here, on the eve of married life, she found out that the act would never be possible. At least not if she wanted it sanctioned by church and state. And let us not forget that divorce wouldn’t be an option for another century. It’s 19th Century divorce Italian style; a steaming pile of misery. When Lea falls in love with circus celebrity and strong man Giovanni they plot to kill Captain Fadda. They ask the [...]
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