The Salvator Mundi case

L'affaire Salvator Mundi

Co-Pro Pitching Sessions

Thriller | France |

6 épisode(s) de 52min

The true story of long lost masterpiece Salvator Mundi, the last painting by the hand of Leonardo da Vinci. Purchased for 1000 dollars in a small auction room in the United States, sold a few years later for 450 million dollars, it became the most expensive artwork ever. Yet it’s authenticity is still unsure. Powerful Oligarchs, ambitious scholars, shady business men and even a dictator : from New York to London, Geneva to Riyadh, the Salvator Mundi case will tell us much about art and much more about humanity. Déclaration de l’auteur While exploring the Salvator Mundi case, one thing gradually dawned on us: all the real protagonists who approached the work suddenly had their trajectories disrupted. For some it was redemption, for others a descent into hell. As if this portrait of the Christ, two fingers raised and a crystal ball in the left hand had the strange power of bringing our deepest self to the surface. Talent, intuition, greed, power… our characters’s souls seem [...]
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