The Maronite

The Maronite

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Inspiré de faits réels - Familial | Chypre |

8 épisode(s) de 50min

It’s 1974, Northern Cyprus. Upon the background of inter-communal violence between Greek and Turkish Cypriots, Father Antoun (50), a temperamental Maronite priest, reigns with kindness and ferocious sermons over the village of Kormakitis. Things are about take a turn for the worse when the Turkish army invades from the North in response to a Greek junta-sponsored Cypriot coup d’état. Tanks roll in, planes bombard, fierce firefights echo all around the island. Father Antoun commands that nobody leaves. Kormakitis is their home. A Turkish tank approaches the village’s perimeter. Father Antoun stands in its way. A face-off ensues. Suddenly a group of Turkish Cypriots form a human shield around Antoun. They plead to the tank driver that this man is not an enemy. He is a friend. The tank stops moving. But this is not the end of it. It’s only the beginning. Existing in a no man’s land between abandoned sacked villages and a mechanized military, Antoun will fight against despair on a [...]
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