The Claddagh

The Claddagh

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Drame - Policier - Historique | Ireland |

6 épisode(s) de 60min

The Claddagh was a fishing village nestled in the bleak wilderness of the west of Ireland, existing between two worlds; a world where Celtic mysticism and century old traditions clashed with the outside world which was striving for modernisation and the riches it would bring. It’s the clash of these two worlds and the families who occupy them, that lies at the heart of this series. Greed, power and corruption force them to come face to face. In 1880, a battle has begun for control of Galway harbour, led by the wealthy and privileged gentry intent on ousting The Claddagh fishermen and their fleet. What started as a fight for control of a port, opens a Pandora’s Box filled with decades of resentment and anger from the local Irish peasantry towards the Anglo-Irish landlords and their acquisition of Irish ports and lands. A violent peasant revolt has begun, threatening the stability of the entire region. Joseph Hendrick, solicitor son of one of those wealthy landlords, finds himself [...]
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