The Bronte Girls

The Bronte Girls

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Drame - Historique | United Kingdom |

6 épisode(s) de 60min

Legends are always part fantasy and part reality, not limited by what is known of the past, only the imagination of the present. Little is known about the summer of 1835 in Haworth, England. Only that three reverend’s daughters spent their last summer as teenagers together. Most of the letters written about that time were burnt. It’s assumed the well-behaved sisters did little of note. But if you buy the cliché well-behaved women don’t make history, then we’re missing some details here. Because 13 years later, those women flipped the world upside down. When the Brontë sisters revealed they were the – previously assumed male – authors of Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights and Agnes Grey, it changed what the world thought possible of women. Their novels were so controversial, passionate, and rebellious, that one critic said that the sisters should be stripped the title of their sex. By then they’d already earned another label well-behaved women dare not [...]
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