Séries Ukrainiennes à fort potentiel

Pitch en séries

Malgré les événements que nous connaissons, les créateurs et producteurs ukrainiens n’ont pas cessé de développer des séries. Raconter des histoires, écrire des séries est une force, un véritable vecteur de soft power. Découvrez une sélection de quatre projets prometteurs.

Projets sélectionnés : 

THE GUIDE – 6 x 40′ – Produit par Svitlana Soloviova (SvitloforFilm)

In present times, a baby is born in the hospital, but doctors and nurses are shocked as the seemingly healthy infant dies before their eyes. An old midwife suggests the baby may lack a soul, having gotten stuck somewhere along the way.

Zhenia, a first-year medical student, harbors feelings for Rita, a beautiful and self-assured classmate seemingly out of his league. Without money or confidence, he accepts Vadym’s offer to work as a night corpsman in a morgue.

On his third night, Zhenia discovers he has inherited the ability to guide souls from his deceased colleague. Unprepared for this responsibility, he attempts to avoid the souls, but their numbers increase, following him everywhere.

During a practical lesson, Zhenia learns Rita also sees souls, unaware she is one herself, having made a sacrifice to prolong her time on Earth.

When the baby’s body arrives at the morgue, Zhenia realizes the significance of his mission and vows to help souls resolve their issues so they can move on.

As Zhenia confronts Rita and learns her truth, he encounters the « Other, » who steals souls, preventing their rebirth. This revelation reshapes Zhenia, transforming him from a carefree teenager to a mature adult.

In a selfless act for Rita’s sake, Zhenia sacrifices part of his soul, unaware of the consequences that will strip him of his guiding abilities.

THE VESPIARY – 9 x 52′ – Produit par Egor Olesov et Pavlo Cherepin

As the producers of « The Vespiary, » we are thrilled to introduce this high-stakes, nine-episode spy thriller that masterfully intertwines the dark world of espionage with the illuminating journey of personal redemption across the European continent. Our narrative follows the intertwined fates of a three different main protagonists as they uncover a sprawling Russian spy network that threatens the very pillars of the EU and NATO. What sets « The Vespiary » apart is our commitment to uniqueness, authenticity and characters depth, ensuring each episode is not only a visual feast but also a deep dive into the emotional and psychological complexities. Series stands as a testament to the power of unity against divisive forces, showcasing the strength derived from the bonds formed in the crucible of shared adversity. The core of the financing and production of « The Vespiary » is European co-production model, which also will bring rich cultural authenticity and leveraging the diverse, picturesque landscapes of Europe—from the rugged beauty of Norwegian fjords to the vibrant streets of London and Berlin. This collaboration between European countries also reflects the series’ core message of unity, pooling together an array of talents, resources, and cultural insights to bring this story to the screen. As a producers, we believe that « The Vespiary » will help with the exploration of themes such as loyalty, trust, and the human spirit’s resilience. This is not just a spy thriller; it’s a narrative that resonates with the urgency of unity and the personal quests for peace in a tumultuous world. We invite partners to join us on this exhilarating journey, filled with intrigue, sacrifice, and the relentless pursuit of peace, as the fate of Europe—and perhaps the world—hangs in the balance.

A GIRL FROM TALLIN – 6 x 45′ – Produit par Olesia Lukyanenko (Film UA)

“A Girl From Tallinn” is a co-production project currently in the development stage, involving three European production companies: “360 Media OÜ” from Estonia, “Agitprop” from Bulgaria, “Film.UA” from Ukraine. Each of these companies has successful track record in creating international projects, and for ‘A Girl from Tallinn,’ they share a common creative approach and production vision. From the project’s inception, the production strategy was designed around involving each production country at various levels, including development, forming the creative team, selecting locations, and overseeing each stage of production and distribution. This approach is tailored to the capabilities and financial contributions of each country, ensuring overall benefit for the project. Even though the story being set between Ukraine and Estonia, we believe it holds relevance for everyone in Europe today. On a thematic level, the series deals with shared traumas and ways to process them as individuals, societies, and nations. Whether running away from them, as our lead male character does, or choosing to turn the page and move forward, as our lead female character does, the series reflects the universal experience of dealing with historical traumas, wars, occupations, and civil conflicts. The Russo-Ukrainian war adds a new chapter to this narrative, putting us all to the test.