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Cage the Fallen

Canada-France Series Lab

Fantastique - Drame - Inspiré de faits réels | Canada |

8 épisode(s) de 60min

Cage the Fallen is a grounded sci-fi thriller set in modern-day North America and other locales across the globe, that begins when an undetected foreign object enters Earth’s atmosphere and breaks apart into dozens of canisters before impacting in and around various towns and locations. The canisters are nondescript and appear empty — but within hours of handling them, many people, including groundskeeper Billy Kits, begin to have unsettling, supernatural experiences. Tonally a mix of humour and drama in a Fargo-like style that turns the alien invasion story on its head. Déclaration de l’auteurCage the Fallen is a grounded sci-fi thriller. The seed of this series was sparked from Josh Epstein’s own life, “When my grandfather was 5 years old in Kiev his family was dragged into the street and his father was shot and killed right in front of him. A Pogrom because he was born Jewish. It broke the family apart. And they had to start a new life.” The extraterrestrial [...]
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