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Drame | Croatie |

6 épisode(s) de 40min

Dana (51, Danish) is on the verge of financial collapse. She’s been able to keep her agritourism business ashore only by exploiting the free workforce of international woofers. Dana’s right hand is her lover Marko (27, French-Croatian). He’s become essential to her as he’s been accepted amongst the conservative villagers of Glina, who loathe Dana and picture her as some kind of cult guru. One night, a gigantic sinkhole opens up in Dana’s land. Many craters have magically appeared in the area, but hers is by far the deepest. Ivan (10, blind village boy) incidentally falls into the sinkhole, injures himself and has to undergo immediate surgery. When the boy wakes up… he has regained his sight. Dana senses a business opportunity. After paying off Ivan’s surgeon to remain silent, she starts promoting her blessed sinkhole as a place where miracles happen. This media coverage is the best of advertising. People start coming from all over to see what will come to be known as a [...]
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