Round ‘D’ Corner

Round D Corner

Deental Series Workshop

Comédie | Trinité-et-Tobago |
Imagine a place where time stands still, a community of neighbours and family members that know a little too much about one another, but always lend a helping hand no questions asked; there’s complaining, even huffing and puffing, but when it comes down to it, “all we is family”. Welcome to Kominote Village, more specifically the decades-old, Samuel family-runned, Fair N Friendly Corner Shop.It’s 1987, and despite the fact that our island paradise looks like a tiny spec on the world map, this pre-internet rural community might as well be a lifetime away from the nearest city. Sofia Samuel (25), takes the burden of running this multi-generational family business. It’s a matriarchal affair, as her hot-headed mother, Carla (45), and trickster Grandmother, Berdy (68), always keeps this big-hearted young woman on her toes.Sofia thinks she has everything figured out, an O’levels degree, a mother and grandmother she loves with all her heart, quirks and all, and the smug pride of a [...]
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