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Comédie dramatique | États-Unis |

12 épisode(s) de 45min

NUHAD (60) is a conservative Lebanese woman in the immigrant enclave of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. She has always lived by strict social rules, traditional gender roles and a big fear of change. A super mom who prides herself on her excellent cooking, home remedies and handy Arabic proverbs, her life revolves around caring for her husband FARID (67) since their three kids ZIAD (35), TALA (30) and SARAH (20) moved out. When Farid dies from a sudden heart attack, Nuhad realises how little she knew about his financial troubles and how dependent she was on him. Alone and with no outlet for her maternal energy, she tries to move in with her children but they all come up with excuses. An unexpected encounter with a distressed bride with no one to walk her down the aisle leads Nuhad to ‘step up’ as the bride’s mother. Feeling needed again, and learning about Farid’s huge debts inspires her to offer her services as a “mother for hire” via an app. A fish out of water, she gets hired by [...]
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