Creative Campaign Award

France |
Déclaration de l’auteur For the launch of the French original series “Parallels”, we wanted to reflect the sci-fi pillar of the series in our marketing campaign. Therefore, we have opened a path to new dimensions through an innovative and surprising experience: the very first DOOH bot reacting to the audience behavior. Disney+ took over a bus shelter in Issy-les-Moulineaux for this special operation. The activation starts with the trailer of the series, but all-of-a-sudden strange events start occurring: the sound starts glitching and the image turns blurry… The actor Thomas Chomel (who plays Sam in the series) suddenly appears, calls out to pedestrians, and asks them to free him from the parallel universe he is stuck in. Sam’s fate is now in the audience’s hands, multiple different scenarios then start unraveling depending on their reactions. The bravest participants will get to meet Thomas Chomel – now back in the correct timeline and seating right next to [...]
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