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Policier - Inspiré de faits réels - Historique | Italie, États-Unis, Israël |

10 épisode(s) de 60min

While researching yet another unimportant news story in March 2002, Amit Paley, a sophomore at Harvard College and a reporter for The Harvard Crimson, sees a mystifying entry on the computer in the university archives: “SECRET COURT FILES 1920.” The entry dryly describes the tantalizing tale of a confidential tribunal that persecuted and expelled Harvard students and affiliates who engaged in “homosexual activity,” at least two of whom committed suicide. Picturing his future Pulitzer, Amit files a request for access to the documents. But the Dean of Harvard College mysteriously denies the request, arguing that the files contain private information. Amit, a closeted gay man and an aspiring journalist, faces a life-changing dilemma: Should he dig into an atrocious affair from a bygone era that might wreck his personal and academic trajectories? His decision to pursue the story leads to a long campaign against the university and an arduous investigation. The result is the exposure [...]
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