Our Father

Our Father

Co-Pro Pitching Sessions

Drame - Policier - Comédie | Canada, Ireland |

8 épisode(s) de 55min

Our Father is a darkly comedic, character-driven crime drama about career criminal Danny Burns, who gets a shot at redemption after he flees Ireland to a remote Newfoundland town and is mistaken for their new priest, Father Peter Deegan. ‘Father Peter’ initially plans to lay low until he can empty the parish accounts and disappear. But to his surprise, he enjoys the role of parish priest and the new found respect it brings him. Peter dedicates himself to cleaning up the town with a vengeance; if he can serve the good people of his parish by controlling or eliminating the bad ones, even if he’s doing it through criminal means, perhaps he can make up for his past. Maybe it’s all part of God’s plan? But as local RNC officer Sean Quinn starts to suspect that all is not right with Father Peter, and shadowy figures from his criminal past threaten to expose his true identity, life for the new priest is about to become a constant struggle for [...]
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