Off Line


Writers Campus

Policier - Fantastique | Argentine |

8 épisode(s) de 35min

In a dystopian society, similar to ours, Enlinea is the leading VR platform, a metaverse where avatars are similar to their owners and remain active even when users disconnect, keeping with their lives just like them, since they are based on all the information from the cloud (e-mail, social networks, etc.). Inside this virtual world, Paula and Gaston meet and fall in love, making up the idyllic couple that none of them have yet achieved in reality. They quickly begin to live together. However, in the real world, they are still two strangers. When by chance they meet, none of them is what the other expected, and Paula, ashamed of everything she exposed herself to Gastón, stops connecting to Enlinea. Gastón, seeing that she is not there, loses interest and switches to another game. However, the avatars continue their love story while they are offline, acting like them. When Paula reconnects, she discovers that they are already married and as if this were not enough, she is [...]
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