Co-Pro Pitching Sessions

Drame | Germany |

6 épisode(s) de 60min

Frankfurt. Nowadays, with a slightly shifted premise: Terrorism has been brought under control by a covert global digital surveillance program. Erik Brugger works as a so-called monitor. He delves deeply into the lives of potentially threatening people, ultimately deciding about life and death. But his work is increasingly taking a mental and emotional toll. When his marriage, the great love of his life, is falling apart, he himself spirals out of control. Breaking the rigorous laws of the system, he uses the program for his own purpose to spy on his wife. When his emotional state is reaching a critical level, he himself gets flagged as a threat and appears on the screen of Miyuki Araki, another monitor, based in Antwerp. But like Erik, she hides her own take on the program, and she needs his help. Against a relentless surveillance organization that has put them on its radar, Erik and Miyuki must find a way to regain control over their own lives and fears. Déclaration de [...]
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