Letters to Leonard

Letters to Leonard

Co-Pro Pitching Sessions

Drame - Lgbtq+ | Grèce |

5 épisode(s) de 50min

In the extremely competitive arena of classical music and orchestra conducting, a prominent and deeply religious conductor who lives an ascetic life decides to do a bold photo shoot with Life Magazine that tantalizes the conservative New York of the late 40’s and gives away his alleged homosexuality. Sensing his professional downfall approaching, he advises his long-lasting lover and promising protégé to “hide” in a marriage in order to keep his work and flourish in his career. The protégé does exactly as he is told but now comes back to claim his lover’s position as music director of the New York Philharmonic and leave him in irreparable despair. The prominent conductor is Dimitri Mitropoulos and his protégé the famous composer Leonard Bernstein. “Letters to Leonard” is a five-episode Miniseries exploring the events. Déclaration de l’auteur I am so grateful that our project has been selected for the co pitching forum. The story of Dimitris Mitropoulos started forming in my [...]
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