Heather Isle

Heather Isle

Writers Campus

Drame - Familial | Royaume-Uni |

6 épisode(s) de 60min

After fleeing an abusive family, 21 year old Shannon McFadden has found safety in her relationship with local lad Mikey Morrison on the Isle of Lewis. Shannon is happy to keep her world small and lick the wounds of her past but, when Mikey goes out one night and never comes home, Shannon’s safe haven is turned upside down. To her confusion, the police, Mikey’s friends and even his family are unhelpful; suggesting Mikey has simply gone for a trip. After discovering a bloodstained towel hidden in their shed, Shannon is convinced something is wrong and begins to conduct her own investigation into what happened to her boyfriend. Her alarm skyrockets when she learns the last known sighting of Mikey was with the very people who should be counted on to help – the police. As the locals close ranks, Shannon finds herself the target of threats, intimidation from the police and even violence from a masked assailant who also wants to know where Mikey has gone. Losing her job, her home and [...]
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