Good Girls

Good Girls

Writers Campus

Thriller - Aventure | Royaume-Uni, Allemagne |

6 épisode(s) de 45min

Teenagers from all over the country vie to attend the prestigious Leistungszentrum Oberhaiting, Bavaria’s foremost high-performance centre for sports, which has produced five national and two Olympic champions in the last fifteen years alone. It’s where the German sports community gathers. Students at the school are competitive to say the least, none more so than the Valkyries, the girl’s Pentathlon Squad, for whom victory is life or death. But this school year, the squad are more than just a team. They’re also co-conspirators. Co-conspirators in a murder they all committed. Before you judge: if there’s such a thing as a justified killing, Coach Jessup’s murder was it! Not that he wasn’t a good coach — he was if you only look at the results of his team’s performance. But as a human being? Fail. Big time. For years, the girls suffered in isolation, believing he’d singled them out for special attention (as he liked to call the [...]
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